The Network Operations Center (NOC) Summit is an annual conference for collaborating on all the best practices in NOC and streamlined technical operations management and control. To elicit creative, proactive, predictive, and innovative technical supervision, the participants share operational procedures established by some of the best industry partners.

NOCs of all sizes and specialties face the same challenges, so together, with up to one hundred companies across North America participating, this highly forward-thinking summit keeps participants engaged in contemporary and compelling subjects. Topics cover NOC management issues, such as incident management, reporting, and communications, knowledge and operations management, and systems operations, to name a few.

The NOC Summit is a customized event, targeting 24×7 technical response team management and technical operations executives and is, therefore, specific to those in leadership roles. This conference enables intense collaboration, productive brainstorming, and a unique form of networking in which participants get to know and work with peers. The purpose is to develop creative and empowering perspectives on the types of operational challenges that riddle companies.

The professionals making up the summit are what propel the entire agenda of this event. Participants describe this conference as highly significant, invaluable, and a great service geared towards developing relationships as well as determining streamlined solutions to rampant industry and operational complications.

Who Attends?

Admittance into the NOC Summit is by invitation only, so you will have to request one on the website if you have not attended before. The primary target audience is people in management and leadership positions of 24×7 technical operations. The conference is also vendor neutral in order to encourage a specific niche group of industry professionals and experts to talk about a wide range of operational topics of their choice. As previously mentioned, the participants drive the agenda. You can think of the summit as a knowledge-sharing venue where all the best in industry gather to shed light on various operational challenges and solutions.

Why the NOC Summit?

The organizers of this summit go the extra mile to ensure the purpose of the event remains intact. Vendors don’t get specific booths to showcase their tech, therefore, the attendees can spend their time attending the sessions and focusing on the discussions. The event intends not only to educate, but to also elicit responses from its participants, which will contribute to the growth of active NOC Summit participation down the line. Everyone participating in the event should bring his or her own experience to share, and through these conversations, the event serves as a knowledge-sharing and gathering exercise.

The main idea behind organizing the NOC Summit is a shared understanding of the fact that professionals in NOC management deal with a wide range of issues, and in most cases the same issues. Bringing the best minds in the profession into the same room can help uncover the common problems they each face and then participants can propose effective solutions. The bottom line is that the annual NOC Summit serves as a means of defining best practices and providing key lessons the attendees can benefit from in the future.